Just saw that there is a new cruise agency at the same address as CVC. Is this a coincidence?

It is called Tracey Scott. I was had by CVC for a currency exchange rate. My cruise was booked and they held the money which ended up costing me an extra $450, my agent said she was working on getting this refunded to me but I never got a reply after my cruise, we were cruising when they went bust.

I do ot have the same problem as other people but to have an extra 25% added to your cruise hurts. Just wonder if they have used another name to open again.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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if you go to cruisevalue.com it actually forwards you to crown cruise's web site


it does hurt paying an extra 25%. they have used another name to open again!

not the names you mentioned - CVC was the common name for Tracy Scott. and they are NOT at the same address. The VP of CVC opened 'crown cruise vacations' and 'crown cruise collection'. if you see Taymatt, LLC, - that's them too.

the owner of CVC and a group of the same agents are there too.

this agency is in princeton, nj and if you deal with anyone there, you are dealing with the same ones that left all those costomers without vacations or money. good luck to you.

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