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I have been using Cruise value for 4 years and never had any trouble. A few days ago I found out that they took my money from my credit card, for my final payment on a Royal Caribbean crusie and never gave the money to RC.

Thank Goodness that we realized it in time. I now have to dispute the CC charge and hopefully get my money back. What they have done to my family is not right. We had 7 reservations in the system with them, thank good ness that I wanted to link another reservation to ours for dinner.

Thats the only way I found out. My travel agent that I always used e-mailed me and told me that they closed.

She is a victim of this closer also yet shehas been so helpful through this process. There has to be something that we can do to this company.

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Yes! I went through a number of unanswered phone calls and avoidance..luckily RC was paid and we went on our cruise.

What was appalling was that the "new owner" said I "should understand" that "these things happen." He was a *** to me when I followed up. I had a complimentary weekend given to me that was worthless.

Does anyone know who the "new owner" was in 12/08. I could not believe his attitude

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